WARNING: This booklet contains solutions to some of the most challening obstacles one will encounter while playing the game. Before you consult these solutions, you should trust in your own ability to strike down the Lords of Decay, and earnestly seek the answers to your trials on your own. Proceed only if you're totally stuck!

The solution to each puzzle is located beneath the headings below, in black text on black background. To view the solutions, highlight them with your mouse, and the text should become readable.

How do I defeat Rolando?

When Rolando tells you that "you cannot survive" his special technique, he means it! To win this battle, attack him vigorously until his shield is destroyed, and then, as he's preparing his special attack, run away!

How do I get past the room with six statues in the pyramid?

The pyramid is one of the most taxing and deadly dungeons to be found in the world of Spellshard. To advance past this room, inspect the statue on the lower-right, and then decline to press the switch inside. Inspect the statue again, and you may notice that the text has changed somewhat... curious, indeed! Refuse to press the switch once more, and then when you examine the statue the third time, you will find a hidden switch that affords you access to the next room.

The Shaolin Master asked me to meditate before his statue. Now what?

To accomplish this task, situate yourself in front of the statue and take a moment to simply relax and do nothing at all. After a few moments, the power of Shaolin meditation will have a most peculiar effect. It might be a good idea to rest up before doing this.

How do I defeat Four-Face?

Like many bosses in the game, each of Four-Face's forms has a unique elemental weakness. Look for clues in the design of the enemy, and then unleash the appropriate elemental attacks with either magic or magic items.